Thank a Trucker!

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to our Carriers! ūüöö ūüöõ It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and we want to encourage everyone to thank these professional truck drivers who work tirelessly to deliver America’s goods! ūüí™ #thankatrucker #NTDAW23 #nationaltruckdriverappreciationweek #freighttec #freightagent #freightbroker #bestagentprogram #freightbrokerage

What We’re Made Of…

What we’re made of… #bestagentprogram #freighttec #freightbroker #agent #freightbrokerage

24/7/365 Carrier Setup

Live Human 24/7/365 Carrier Setup ‚úÖ New Carriers Setup on Nights & Weekends ‚úÖ ūüé• #fastcarriersetup #sixminutes‚Ź≥ #freightagent #freighttec #freightbroker #freightbrokerage #bestagentprogram

Shippers Can’t Be Too Careful in Qualifying Carriers

This is a True Story.¬† A carrier calls our office to book a load we had shared with our network.¬† We start our Carrier Qualification Process and find out that the Carrier wants to use an owner-operator.¬† We advised the Carrier that we needed to see their federal operating authority, Certificate of Insurance, W-9, and […]

Enraged Driver Cuts off Semi-Truck!

In an moment of, what we can only call road rage inspired insanity, a motorist in Salt Lake City became enraged when a semi-truck changed lanes in front of their car. Instead of simply slowing down and giving the truck room, they decided to get “revenge” on the truck driver. The small red car passed […]

Moved: 3 Komatsu HD 785-7

Here are some pictures from a recent move of 3¬†Komatsu HD 785-7 Off Highway Rock Trucks. ¬†These weighed in at a massive 165,000 lbs, 35′ L x 22’6″ W x 18’6″ H on the ground. The trucks were split – removing the beds and outside tires. ¬†Chassis shipped at 30′ L x 18′ W x […]

Highway Bill, and what it means for You

Congress approved the Highway Bill, and President Obama is set to sign it on Friday, July 6, 2012. The report contains the TIA-OOIDA-ATA compromise language almost exactly. How will this affect you? Read the great blog post and summary from Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

Ban On Cell Phone Use While Driving Hits Commercial Drivers

Well, it’s official. ¬†Effective January 3, 2012, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and others implemented a rule banning the use of cell phones while driving for all commercial truck drivers. Violations can be severe – up to $2,750 fine for each offense and possible commercial license suspension for multiple […]

Watch for Red-Flags and Avoid Cargo Theft

“The FBI estimates the loss value of¬†Cargo Theft¬†at¬†roughly $30 Billion dollars a year.¬†¬†Don’t think that effects you as an every-day consumer?¬† Think again.¬† That $30 Billion¬†loss¬†causes retail business everywhere¬†to mark-up their products an additional¬†20% for consumers!¬†¬†… And that’s on items you buy everyday!¬† Electronics, food and clothing were the top three commodities stolen in 2010.¬† […]