Grow Your Business!

We’ve helped our Agents grow 2x, 3x and 5x in a short period of time – we can do the same for you! 💰 #bestagentprogram #freighttec #freightagent #freightbroker #agentprogram #freightbrokerage

Summer Movie Party

Last week we had our Annual Home Office Summer Party at the movies to watch the new Mission Impossible movie!  We have the best team and loved getting time together and having the movie theatre all to ourselves!

Financial Stability is Everything

Financial Stability is Everything. 🏩  #since1997 #freighttec #freightagent #bestagentprogram #freightbroker #agentprogram #freightbrokerage

The BEST people…

When you work with the BEST people 🙌 and decide to make a video based on a favorite tv show! Happy Tuesday! #homeoffice 📁 #thebestpeople🏆 #freighttec #freightagent #freightbroker #freightbrokerage #bestagentprogram đŸŽ„

Is Freight Brokerage Still A Good Business To Be In?

The short answer is: Yes. Lets dive into why the industry is thriving. Todd Bryant of Bryant Surety Bonds lays out the facts in this article for Here’s a summary: Growing Demand: Since January of 2014 Broker business has increased by 15%, and that grown still isn’t meeting demand. Sound Income: Brokers typically make more than the […]

Agents Liable for Customer Bad Debt?

Should Agents be 100% liable for their customer’s Bad Debts? Imagine one of your largest customers going belly up… and they owe you and your Broker company $50,000.00… You soon learn there is no hope of collecting any of the money owed… Who should pay for that bad debt? It should be split the same way […]

Shippers Can’t Be Too Careful in Qualifying Carriers

This is a True Story.  A carrier calls our office to book a load we had shared with our network.  We start our Carrier Qualification Process and find out that the Carrier wants to use an owner-operator.  We advised the Carrier that we needed to see their federal operating authority, Certificate of Insurance, W-9, and […]