Thank a Trucker!

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to our Carriers! ­čÜÜ ­čÜŤ It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, and we want to encourage everyone to thank these professional truck drivers who work tirelessly to deliver America’s goods! ­čĺ¬ #thankatrucker #NTDAW23 #nationaltruckdriverappreciationweek #freighttec #freightagent #freightbroker #bestagentprogram #freightbrokerage

Take a Ride In a Self-Driving Semi

The automated, driverless vehicle is something we keep hearing more and more about. They could potentially remove the human error factor in driving, it could save a lot of lives. But it’s expensive, and not everyone is going to want to give up control of their vehicles. But you have to admit, there’s something fascinating […]

Enraged Driver Cuts off Semi-Truck!

In an moment of, what we can only call road rage inspired insanity, a motorist in Salt Lake City became enraged when a semi-truck changed lanes in front of their car. Instead of simply slowing down and giving the truck room, they decided to get “revenge” on the truck driver. The small red car passed […]

Moving an M60 AVLB Bridge Launcher

This M60 armoured vehicle-launched bridge (AVLB) weighs in at 101,000 lbs, and is 12ft wide. This one is fresh after a rebuild, and headed back into service.   Great YouTube video of these vehicles in action –

Moved: 3 Komatsu HD 785-7

Here are some pictures from a recent move of 3┬áKomatsu HD 785-7 Off Highway Rock Trucks. ┬áThese weighed in at a massive 165,000 lbs, 35′ L x 22’6″ W x 18’6″ H on the ground. The trucks were split – removing the beds and outside tires. ┬áChassis shipped at 30′ L x 18′ W x […]