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Is Freight Brokerage Still A Good Business To Be In?

The short answer is: Yes. Lets dive into why the industry is thriving. Todd Bryant of Bryant Surety Bonds lays out the facts in this article for Here’s a summary: Growing Demand: Since January of 2014 Broker business has increased by 15%, and that grown still isn’t meeting demand. Sound Income: Brokers typically make more than the […]

Why Joining a Company With an Internal Brokerage Could Cost You Your Business

In the right circumstances, becoming a freight agent can be a fantastic career choice, filled with opportunities to focus on bringing in first-time clients, building relationships, and exceeding the expectations of shippers and carriers. The freedom, pay, and level of control can be enticing. However, in the wrong situation, joining a freight brokerage can be […]

Why Our Freight Agent Program Won’t Disappoint

If trust really is one of the main tent poles of a good relationship (and we believe that it is), then what does that mean for the bond between a freight broker and its freight agents? What does it take for a broker to create the type of trust necessary for both parties to move […]

How Freight Brokers Can Best Build Meaningful Client Relationships

Even with emerging software, technologies and digital marketing tools taking their industry by storm, top freight brokers are only as successful as the client relationships they can build and maintain. The freight industry, like so many other industries, revolves around loyalty, trust, reputation and standing out. Developing strong bonds with carries and shippers is vital.

Why You Should Become a Freight Broker

If you want more money, flexibility, back-office support and freedom to thrive, and are ambitious with a hard-working approach, becoming an independent freight agent could be the best move you ever make. Whether you’re a longtime veteran of the freight industry or a potential newcomer looking for fresh beginnings in a fast-paced field, here are […]

5 Things Freight Agents Shouldn’t Be Doing

The trucking industry shows no sign of slowing down, but the number of brokers who treat their agents with respect seems to decreasing. It’s a competitive market. Freight agents need to be smart about doing business with a broker. Our business model is different than most other logistics companies. Here’s what you shouldn’t be doing, […]