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Why You Should Become a Freight Broker

If you want more money, flexibility, back-office support and freedom to thrive, and are ambitious with a hard-working approach, becoming an independent freight agent could be the best move you ever make. Whether you’re a longtime veteran of the freight industry or a potential newcomer looking for fresh beginnings in a fast-paced field, here are several reasons you should become a part of the freight broker business with Freight Tec:

The Work Matters

Some people seem like they can sell anything — and sell it well. However, there’s nothing quite like the opportunity to move products that make a visible difference throughout the U.S.

It’s a simple concept that carries a lot of weight:

  1. Goods are produced.
  2. Goods are shipped.
  3. Goods are bought by consumers.

A career in the freight broker industry is a career in the American dream. It’s a career that puts food on dinner tables, bicycles in driveways and roofs over children’s heads.

The Money Matters

How much money have you made for other people in your lifetime? The mere thought might be enough to make you shudder, but there’s good news: You can start keeping more of that money for yourself by entering the freight broker business as an independent agent.

Independent freight agent jobs often offer highly favorable commission splits — with as much as 70 percent going to the agent.

The Independence Matters

Many who start a freight broker business have worked in the shipping industry for years, either on the shipper or carrier side. However, the independent agent role features something very unique: the ability to enjoy the benefits of both working for a company and being self-employed, but without many of the drawbacks.

Freight agents have flexible schedules that can improve work-life balance. They also have more control of business decisions than many others in the industry are able to experience. At the same time, agents receive deep, comprehensive support from their brokers in aspects that many small-business owners struggle with.

The Support Matters

Independence and flexibility are valuable assets, but their shine wears off quickly if overhead becomes too expensive and/or time-consuming to bear.

In many cases, independent freight agents can avoid the complications and hindrances of small-business ownership while enjoying the ability to control their own destiny. Getting started costs very little, as the broker may cover operating capital, insurance and key software solutions. Brokers like Freight Tec that provide a large support staff are able to take duties such as invoicing, payables, receivables, credit checks and processing claims off the agent’s plate.

For many professionals, becoming a part of the freight broker business as an independent freight agent is a good way to make more money and improve the overall quality of life.

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