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5 Things Freight Agents Shouldn’t Be Doing

The trucking industry shows no sign of slowing down, but the number of brokers who treat their agents with respect seems to decreasing. It’s a competitive market. Freight agents need to be smart about doing business with a broker. Our business model is different than most other logistics companies. Here’s what you shouldn’t be doing, because we do it better.

1. Don’t work with brokers who are in competition with you.

We don’t have in-house brokers and guarantee that we won’t steal your clients or bring them in house.

2. Don’t let a broker steal your clients and your hard work.

One thing that sets us apart is that we only get new business through our freight agents. We want you to succeed, because we need you.  

3. Don’t stress over the risks.

We carry contingent liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, and broker and military bonds. You don’t have to stress over the risks you face in your business.

4. Don’t sign a non-compete or binding contract.

You should have the right to work with any clients and industry. Freight-Tec freight agents aren’t limited by non-compete clauses or binding contracts. We won’t hinder your ability to do business.

5. Don’t worry about the overhead.

When you join our team, we provide our experience and back office support to let you focus on your business. Instead of being concerned about keeping your business afloat, you can work on strategizing for growth.

Our freight agents receive a generous commission split, paid out regularly and quickly. We offer a software suite to keep your office on the cutting edge of technology and connected to our team. Your office is treated like part of our team. We invite you to attend our big summer party held at Lagoon, which features a wooden carousel, 10 roller coasters, and splash rides for lots of thrills. In December, when we hold our annual Christmas party and awards banquet, we honor our agents who have worked hard for us. When you’re on our team, you’re not just a voice on the phone.

Inc. Magazine ranked our company in the Top 100 of all freight brokers nationwide. We’ve built our reputation on the way we treat our agents. It’s important to us that each of our team has the tools to succeed. Because we don’t have our own brokers in-house, we rely on your business for our profits. Join our team to find out what’s been missing in your organization. Let us talk to you about the specific benefits and advantages you get when you partner with us.

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