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Why Our Freight Agent Program Won’t Disappoint

If trust really is one of the main tent poles of a good relationship (and we believe that it is), then what does that mean for the bond between a freight broker and its freight agents? What does it take for a broker to create the type of trust necessary for both parties to move forward in full confidence — lacking any uneasiness?

We believe safe structure and unfailing support help build the trust that’s so vital between us and the highly valued freight agents we work with. Here are several reasons our freight agent program won’t disappoint:

We don’t steal clients.

While our practice of not requiring Agents to sign a non-compete is by no means the industry norm, we believe it should be. We also believe it is a conflict of interest to run an internal brokerage, while simultaneously running an agent program. This structure leads to agents being damaged in multiple ways down the road. Freight Tec has no internal brokerage. It’s a small but hopefully meaningful way we can foster peace of mind.

We offer unprecedented back-office support.

Because administrative support is our only focus, we provide it more efficiently, accurately, quickly and innovatively than other freight brokers. From collection services and carrier setup/approval to extensive training opportunities, our support staff does everything in their power to  make life easier for freight agents.

When they don’t have to worry about whether various administrative activities will or will not be taken care of, agents are empowered to do more selling. Everyone wins.

We provide the freedom and security to thrive financially.

At the end of the day, pay matters — and speaks volumes.  A key part of any worthwhile freight agent program is the opportunity for enterprising professionals to maximize their earnings. To ensure agents receive what they deserve, our program features up to 70 percent gross profit commission splits and doesn’t charge any TMS, invoicing, or other kinds of fees or have reserve accounts.

For additional peace of mind, Freight Tec holds $100,000 broker and military bonds, and a $1,000,000 errors and omissions insurance policy.

We pay for the software you need to succeed.

Staying up to date with industry-leading technology can feel like a burden when it’s part of the seemingly never-ending overhead that comes with running your own office. When you hop aboard the Freight Tec team, software platforms such as DAT/TransCore, Internet Truckstop and a windows based TMS are provided and paid for by us.

With the right tools and strong confidence in the brokerage supporting them, agents are discovering clear evidence that our freight agent program won’t disappoint.

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