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Fair Commission Split

Am I being paid a “fair” commission split for the kind of business I’m doing?

What is a “fair” split?

A “fair” split is one that takes many things into consideration. Here are a few of them:
What Freight Tec takes into consideration:

  • Trustworthiness of the Agent / Prospective Agent
  • revenue level
  • gross profit
  • credit risk of your Shippers
  • ease of doing business with your Shippers
  • (the list goes on, and for simplicy’s sake – I’ll stop here)

I notice when prospective Agents call me to find out about Freight Tec’s Agency program – the first, and most popular question they ask is “… what is your commission split?” While a fair and reasonable commision split is important to have, it is not the most important thing to have.

If a company offered you a radically high commission split, would you take it?

Would it raise any red flags to you?

What are some potential risks for you?

Here is a list of some critical issues You need to know before signing on with ANY Broker:

  • Trustworthiness of the Broker
  • Financial stability
  • Back office support
  • Hours of operation
  • Reputation in the industry
  • Policies and Procedures of the Broker

Companies in the industry offer commission splits that range from 25% – 70% being paid to the Agent. The Industry average being paid out is 50% – 60% to the Agent.

More to come on each of those topics listed above…   If you have questions or comments – please email them to:

Thank you

Avoid this Scam AND Keep your Job!

When YOUR Company gets hit with a $60,000 claim and YOU get fired, it’s YOUR fault!

This scam cost a good, honest guy his job. Don’t let this happen to you.

 There is an EPIDEMIC in the Transportation World right now, today – 2008. YOUR freight is being illegally double brokered by your Carriers to other Carriers without your knowledge or permission. When this happens – YOUR freight is no longer insured!!!

True story: A few months ago, a carrier brokered a load of pipe to a friend who had a truck.  There was no paperwork exchanged. While transporting the pipe, the driver took a corner too fast, and rolled the trailer and all of the product down a steep mountainside.

The problem:  THE SECOND CARRIER WAS UNINSURED.  He had no cargo insurance and no liability insurance.

The result:  The Shipper was left with the problem of suing the first carrier for the value of his pipe. The first carrier simply filed bankruptcy and started a new company one month later under a new MC# (learn why MC#s give you instant critical info).
The Shipping Manager was screwed, and he was fired for using the first carrier.

What could the Shipper have done to avoid this expensive loss? They could have qualified the Carrier to a service and performance “standard”. This is not a guarantee that they would not have had the same problem. But odds are they would have avoided the problem. (learn more about setting your own “standard”)

The Shipper could have used a Top 100 Broker such as Freight Tec. How does this protect you? Freight Tec QUALIFIES EVERY TRUCK on a DAILY Basis. Before a truck is used by Freight Tec, they must be qualified, and in our system. Then they are re-qualified every day. It seems excessive – but it’s the only way to be sure you are protected.

Knowledge is power

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Freight Tec is in the Top 100 of all Top Brokers in the Nation

Freight Tec was recently named as one of the Top Brokers in the Nation by Inc. Magazine.

What it does: A freight broker matching shippers materials with carriers in need of loads to transport.

Why it’s growing: Investment in technology that provides its customers with live tracking, logistics integration, customizable pick and supply chain management.

What’s noteworthy: The company’s revenue numbers for 2006 have put it in the top 100–out of an industry of 14,000 in the United States.

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