Our very own Jeff Graves, CTB Graves along with Rocky Halterman and Bryan Duncan cooked 🍳 amazing food for the youth and leaders at a youth camp a few weeks ago in the mountains with no electricity, or fire. From Stir Fry to dutch oven Molton Lava Cake 🎂 (cooked on a camp stove) with […]

Back Office Support Team

Here’s our back office support team at Freight Tec! 🙌 These are some of the faces working hard behind the scenes to support our Freight Agents! Couldn’t be more happy to have such an AMAZING team! 👏 #backofficesupport #bestteam #freightagent #freighttec #freightbroker #freightbrokerage #bestagentprogram #whenyouworkwiththebestteam

24/7/365 Carrier Setup

Live Human 24/7/365 Carrier Setup ✅ New Carriers Setup on Nights & Weekends ✅ 🎥 #fastcarriersetup #sixminutes⏳ #freightagent #freighttec #freightbroker #freightbrokerage #bestagentprogram


We recently had six employees reach work anniversary milestones: • Steve, Jeff and Melanie reached their 20 years with our Freight Tec team! 🏆 • Leisa, Marty & Cherie reached their 5 years with our Freight Tec team! 🏆 All of them are such valuable members of our team! 🙌 Congrats! #bestemployees #freighttec #freightbroker #freightbrokerage […]

4th of July!

We hope you have a fabulous Independence day! 🇺🇸🍦💦 🍉

Is Freight Brokerage Still A Good Business To Be In?

The short answer is: Yes. Lets dive into why the industry is thriving. Todd Bryant of Bryant Surety Bonds lays out the facts in this article for Here’s a summary: Growing Demand: Since January of 2014 Broker business has increased by 15%, and that grown still isn’t meeting demand. Sound Income: Brokers typically make more than the […]

Agents Liable for Customer Bad Debt?

Should Agents be 100% liable for their customer’s Bad Debts? Imagine one of your largest customers going belly up… and they owe you and your Broker company $50,000.00… You soon learn there is no hope of collecting any of the money owed… Who should pay for that bad debt? It should be split the same way […]

Shippers Can’t Be Too Careful in Qualifying Carriers

This is a True Story.  A carrier calls our office to book a load we had shared with our network.  We start our Carrier Qualification Process and find out that the Carrier wants to use an owner-operator.  We advised the Carrier that we needed to see their federal operating authority, Certificate of Insurance, W-9, and […]

Is the Future of Freight Underground?

A company in the UK called Mole Solutions thinks so. They’ve designed pods, that would travel underground to deliver goods currently hauled by trucks. They travel via a computer controlled smart track, using electromagnets. The company claims they could ship goods for 20% the cost of road shipping. But is it feasible? Laying that much pipeline […]

The Death of the 8 Hour Workday?

Do you work 8 hours straight? Do you often work through your lunch? You may think that you’re a better worker for these habits, but, studies say you’re doing it wrong. They say the 8 hour workday is inefficient and outdated. Entrepreneur says: “The 8-hour workday was created during the industrial revolution as an effort […]