Is Freight Brokerage Still A Good Business To Be In?

The short answer is: Yes. Lets dive into why the industry is thriving. Todd Bryant of Bryant Surety Bonds lays out the facts in this article for Here’s a summary: Growing Demand: Since January of 2014 Broker business has increased by 15%, and that grown still isn’t meeting demand. Sound Income: Brokers typically make more than the […]

Freight Agents: How Internal Brokerages Kill Agent Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial individuals have been shown to possess certain character traits—passion, risk tolerance, leadership, and others—at a higher percentage than the rest of the professional population. All of these characteristics are important, but the trait that sets many entrepreneurs apart is a strong desire to enjoy the fruits of their own success. Freight agents are truly […]

Making the Leap: How to Become an Independent Freight Agent

The thought of becoming an independent freight agent can be so intimidating for some, that they dismiss the idea without further consideration or effort. But we’re here to reassure you that taking this step is completely doable. With the right resources and information, you can take all the necessary small steps to achieve your dream.

Freight Agents: Building your business on a Level Playing Field

In business, the notion of a level playing field is essential to long-term success. A level playing field is defined as an “economic and legal environment in which all competitors, irrespective of their size or financial strength, follow the same rules and get equal opportunity to compete.” Great business people can be clever, cunning, and […]

Why Our Freight Agent Program Won’t Disappoint

If trust really is one of the main tent poles of a good relationship (and we believe that it is), then what does that mean for the bond between a freight broker and its freight agents? What does it take for a broker to create the type of trust necessary for both parties to move […]

3 Surprising Ways to Improve Your Bottom Line As a Freight Agent

For freight agents, there is strong, vast potential to grow a client base and make a lot of money. Of course, like in any industry, there are challenges that must be overcome. Many of today’s freight brokers and agents feel pressured to stay up to date with the latest software — the type of industry-specific […]

5 Exciting Benefits of Becoming an Independent Freight Agent

The freight industry can be rewarding in a variety of ways, but also very challenging. Salespeople, operations personnel, agents and brokerage owners can make a great living, but lack of time, resources and support sometimes often stand in the way of growth. Many freight industry professionals are transitioning into a role with fewer challenges and […]

Freight Agent Opportunities at Freight Tec

It’s exciting to see the many changes that innovation and technology are driving in the freight industry. What’s disappointing is that some other aspects of the industry have been slow to follow suit.

How to Get Freight From Shippers

There’s no end-all, be-all answer to the question of how to get freight from shippers — especially considering the constantly changing technology and culture around us. To enjoy sustained success, freight agents must be familiar with sales techniques that have worked in the past and ready to integrate new tools at a moment’s notice.

How to Find Freight Brokers You Can Trust

Finding freight brokers is easy. But finding freight brokers you can trust? That’s a much more difficult task — although not impossible. Some freight brokers out there won’t utilize the unfair tactics that many of their competitors embrace. If you’re a freight agent, it’s worth a little extra time in the selection process to make […]