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How to Find Freight Brokers You Can Trust

Finding freight brokers is easy. But finding freight brokers you can trust? That’s a much more difficult task — although not impossible. Some freight brokers out there won’t utilize the unfair tactics that many of their competitors embrace.

If you’re a freight agent, it’s worth a little extra time in the selection process to make sure you find a broker who enables you to rest easy. Pinpointing the right broker is much easier if you enter your search with a good idea of what to look for, such as:

Look for a freight broker that respects your independence.

Most independent freight agents developed their own business with their own clientele for specific reasons, ranging from flexibility of work schedules to unlimited potential earnings. Working for a freight broker that tries to take too much control away from agents can be frustrating and creates distrust.

Look for a freight broker that encourages growth.

A freight broker that consistently proves its devotion to the development of agents is a freight broker that should be trusted. Back-office support such as extensive administrative services, team training opportunities, and operating capital speak volumes about a freight broker’s commitment to helping its agents grow as professionals.

Look for a freight broker with proven reliability.

Brokers such as Freight Tec, which has more than 30 years of experience, can serve agents with proven, comprehensive expertise and dependable infrastructure. Some also offer impressive financial stability, as evidenced by the $100,000 broker and military bonds, errors and omissions insurance, and contingent liability insurance provided by Freight Tec.

Look for a freight broker that values hard-working people.

At some companies — especially ones that employ independent contractors — people are treated like disposable assets. At Freight Tec, agents are highly valued, and it shows. One example is the 70-30 agent-broker commission split. Another example, in addition to less tangible factors such as outstanding back-office support, is the uncommon camaraderie and friendship that agents will find. Morale-building events include the annual summer party at Lagoon and impressive Christmas party.

Leaving your job to become an independent agent can feel like a big jump. However, by putting the right items on your checklist, you can ease your fears and find a freight broker you can trust.

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