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Freight Agent Opportunities at Freight Tec

It’s exciting to see the many changes that innovation and technology are driving in the freight industry. What’s disappointing is that some other aspects of the industry have been slow to follow suit.

Consider the scope of how the business has evolved. Software does in minutes what used to take hours or even days to for administrative personnel to accomplish. “Smart” containers and extensive fleet data allow companies to monitor and manage vehicle performance and freight status anytime, anywhere. Driver health and well-being receives more attention than ever before.

This progress has been taking shape for a while, yet some nooks and crannies of the industry continue to lag behind outdated ways of doing business. For instance, type “freight agent opportunities” or “become a freight agent” into a search browser. Dozens of websites and open positions pop up on your screen. However, upon closer inspection, many of those opportunities are subpar in the same ways that freight agent opportunities have been subpar for decades. Unfair commission splits and fees, insufficient back-office support, unnecessarily rigid guidelines, inter-office conflicts of interest and more continue to hamper agent satisfaction.

With trucks still moving roughly 67 percent of the nation’s freight by weight, this remains a massive industry — with a lot of room for progress.

Fresh Ideas About Freight Agent Opportunities

In an industry where so much has changed, Freight Tec has flipped the freight agent story upside down. The company’s independent agents enjoy many of the pluses of owning their own company while minimizing the negatives.

Freight Tec does things differently:

You keep your accounts — Because Freight Tec doesn’t have an internal brokerage, it will never bring your clients in-house — and you don’t have to sign a noncompete.

You keep more of your money — Freight Tec makes money when you do business — so they’re your biggest fan. Freight Tec offers up to 70% gross profit commission splits, paid weekly. Also, there are no fees and no reserve account.

We have your back — The overhead of running your own office can be severe. Freight Tec’s comprehensive back-office support and access to key industry software platforms such as DAT and Internet Truckstop allow you you concentrate on closing deals.

You can rest easy — Freight Tec backs up agents with $100,000 broker and military bonds, errors and omissions insurance, and contingent liability insurance.

Freight Tec also brings its independent agents into its “family” with popular staff events such as the annual summer party at Lagoon and awards banquet at Christmastime.

Explore Freight Agent Opportunities at Freight Tec

If you are an experienced freight agent looking for innovative new ways to do what you do best, please email us at for information about freight agent opportunities.

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