How to Find a Brokerage that Will Help Serve the Needs of Your Clients

In a highly competitive industry such as freight, independent freight agents are always looking for an edge. In particular, they want to find a brokerage that can help them serve the needs of their clients, or shippers. There aren’t any magic pills that solve the challenges that agents face, but there certainly are small but […]

Testimonial: Selling More & Better Without the Challenges of Owning a Freight Brokerage

Like many talented freight brokers, Tracy Putnam was frustrated by the many difficulties that come with moving freight. However, she was uneasy about giving up some control over her business accounting functions to a brokerage services company, or stepping away from her business altogether.   After talking with Freight Tec, her frustrations and worries quickly […]

How to Find Loads That Pay Well

Not every load can be that highly sought, top-paying “big fish.” Even so, it takes a fairly consistent stream of well-paying loads to build a career as a thriving freight agent. Too many inefficient loads will keep your business spinning in circles rather than moving forward. It takes a well-thought plan to find loads that […]