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How to Find a Brokerage that Will Help Serve the Needs of Your Clients

In a highly competitive industry such as freight, independent freight agents are always looking for an edge. In particular, they want to find a brokerage that can help them serve the needs of their clients, or shippers.

There aren’t any magic pills that solve the challenges that agents face, but there certainly are small but powerful tools and support that can make a big difference.

More Time for Better Customer Service

More than perhaps anything, agents are looking to spend less time doing administrative work and more time making deals. With additional time, freight agents can get creative about building relationships with potential and existing customers. They can find new ways to develop rapport, and feel less rushed during what should be a natural, sometimes-lengthy process.

With plentiful time, freight brokers also are able to invest more time and resources into detailed, thoughtful research of prospective clients. It makes for conversations that are more targeted and fruitful for both parties.

How to Carve Out More Time

The benefits of having more time are quite clear, but many struggle with how to actually make it happen. Finding a brokerage with highly experienced, comprehensive support staff is a best practice, for sure. Ideally, this type of administrative team will remove from agents the laborious burden of collection labor, payables, receivables, credit checks and more.

Technologies and software also help free up time. Tasks that used to eat up huge amounts of time and energy now can be completed in minutes with platforms such as Internet Truckstop, PC Miller, PostEverywhere and DAT.

Tools such as Freight Tec’s carrier onboarding site are good examples of how technology can foster better time efficiency in the freight industry.

Peace of Mind for Customers

Freight agents want to find a brokerage that helps clients have peace of mind. Freight Tec helps instill that feeling because it’s been around for nearly 30 years. It’s also ranked in the top 100 of all brokers in the U.S. by TIA and Inc. Magazine.

Find a Brokerage

Taking care of shippers is one of the biggest responsibilities of freight agents. Learn how independent agents are improving their customer service through Freight Tec.

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