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How to Find Loads That Pay Well

Not every load can be that highly sought, top-paying “big fish.” Even so, it takes a fairly consistent stream of well-paying loads to build a career as a thriving freight agent. Too many inefficient loads will keep your business spinning in circles rather than moving forward.

It takes a well-thought plan to find loads that pay well. Here are several ideas for how to make it happen:

Carefully Outline Your Pay Goals

Truthfully analyzing your business is a straight-forward task that often uncovers innovative ways you can lower expenses, thus slightly redefining your definition of a lucrative load. The result is a larger group of potential loads to go after.

Build Dependable Relationships With Good-Paying Customers

As a freight agent, one of the most efficient tools in your belt is strong relationships with recurring clients that pay quickly and with good rates. There’s a principle that applies to virtually every industry, including freight and logistics: Once you earn trust and become an asset to a company, it will take a lot to lose its business.

Constructing strong connections takes time, energy and legwork on the front end, but on the back end lies a steady flow of good freight that can continue for years to come.

Utilize Digital Tools Including Freight Load Boards

The Internet is a powerful tool when leveraged intelligently. When freight agents harness the power of online load boards through devices such as phones, tablets and laptops, they can streamline their searches. They also can automate alerts regarding new opportunities that fall within parameters specified by the agent.

Brokerages such as Freight Tec pay for their agents’ access to industry-leading software platforms including Internet Truckstop, DAT, PC Miller, and PostEverywhere.

Be Aggressive, Not Abrasive

An overzealous freight agent can quickly cross the line between aggressive selling and disrespectful selling. It’s a delicate balance, but it is possible to engage in diligent, consistent communication with shippers and carriers while still listening to their requests and empathizing with their unique needs so you can make it beneficial for all parties.

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