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How to Keep a Freight Agent Happy

The logistics industry is booming. Even with all the regulations and rules implemented for carriers, brokers, and agents, there are still unethical brokers who take advantage of their agents or carriers. Some brokers don’t provide agents with the tools they need. Even worse, their internal agents may even be competing with outside independent agents hired by the broker.

At Freight Tec, we’re revolutionizing the industry. Instead of using outside agents for lead generation or extra business for an internal brokerage operation, we depend solely on outside agents for our business. This removes the conflict of interest so prevalent in the logistics business. Outside agents should never have to compete against — or be at risk of competing against — an internally owned brokerage department. We know that when we treat our agents well, we don’t have to worry about losing them. The success of our agents increases our success.

How We’re Different When It Comes to Our Agents

  • We pay weekly and have a high split with commissions.
  • Agents do not sign a non-compete.
  • We don’t have an internal brokerage, sales, or agent dept. We only have outside agents.
  • Freight Tec gives our agents the tools they need to succeed through training and software in order to work with our clients and carriers.
  • We provide all operational insurances, authorities, software, systems, all back office support, and more to our agents. All of this allows them to focus on running and growing their business, while lowering their risk and making more money.

At Freight Tec, our stability and credibility helps our agents grow their own business. We lend our brand and reputation to help agents succeed. We are different from other freight brokers because the success of our agents is built into our company mission. There are many ways to manage our costs, and we won’t cut into the profits of our agents to increase our bottom line. We know that ensuring high commission splits with our agents, while providing top support 24/7/365 and protecting their customer relationships and business is the best win/win scenario for all.

Keeping agents happy and secure is one way we know we have a quality team. We believe that freight agents are the foundation of the 3PL and Logistics industry. Although we expect a lot from our agents, we have built a culture of support where agents can expect a lot from us. Our brand is built on agent success. We avoid activities that conflict with the interests of our agents.

See How We’re Different

Freight brokers need agents. In order to get the best agents to work with our team, we do our best to fully support them. Choose to come to our team and work with us to see the difference we’ve made in the industry. We make promises we can keep and back them up in writing. Request more information from our team so that you can see for yourself, and make the choice to work with us. Partner with us for your success. You will always be priority #1 to us.

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