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How to Expand Your Customer Relationships as a Freight Agent

For a freight agent, having loyal, high-volume shipping customers is a must. But securing MANY of these reliable customers really is a key indicator of long-term success and low stress.

A lot of agents are good at maintaining strong relationships with existing customers, but how about finding new ones? With the combination of diligence, talent, and skill, you can forge new bonds on a regular basis. Here are several tips for how to expand your customer relationships as a freight agent:

Set and Reach a Weekly Goal

In grade school, every person learns and performs at his or her own pace. It’s no different in business; professionals’ goals must be realistic based on the variables at hand. The main point is to have something to shoot for — a target that you will at least often hit.

A freight agent should set a weekly minimum number of contacts to pursue. Eventually this type of diligence will pay off with a steady stream of new clients who can help address database attrition, which is natural in any business.

Make a Connection That Matters

Online search tools and social media make it fairly easy to research potential clients prior to reaching out. Still, it takes more than a fun fact to impress a shipper enough to close the deal AND cultivate loyalty for years to come.

Independent freight agents who establish lasting relationships are the ones who actually care about their customers’ well-being, which becomes evident in everything from the honest questions they ask to the thoughtful value they add.

Answer the Questions That Keep Shippers Up at Night

What are the problems that most concern shippers? What are the barriers that sometimes prevent their success? These questions and many more are what freight agents must answer to provide peace of mind and garner trust.

If you consistently fix what causes customers pain and reduce their fears, they most likely will keep coming back for more.

Exhaust Your Existing Contacts

From LinkedIn connections and purchased leads to Facebook friends and your neighbor’s dogwalker, you never know who might able to hook you up with a great customer.

Finding unique ways to tap your existing wealth of contacts can fuel your constant journey toward expanded customer relationships.

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