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How Freight Tec Supports its Agents


By definition, “to support” is to serve as a foundation for someone or something. That’s exactly what freight agents need: a rock-solid foundation of consistent help and communication that can be relied on through thick and thin.

With Freight Tec, that foundation of support includes a wide range of business services, including:

Software that saves time and money:

These days, Internet tools are making certain tasks in the transportation industry easier than ever before. Freight Tec pays for its agents to have access to the industry’s best technology platforms, including Internet Truckstop, PC Miller, DAT and a web based software system and TMS.

Excellent insurance for peace of mind:

Peace of mind is a high-value item on which it is difficult to put a price. Freight Tec backs its agents to the hilt, with $100,000 broker and military bonds, errors and omissions insurance, and contingent liability insurance, as well as claims processing and support.

Help from dedicated administrative experts:

It’s a common statement among agents: “Back-office support is what I need to grow my business.” Freight Tec has well-trained admin experts in place to take care of collection labor, fast carrier approval and setup, payables, receivables, credit checks,  loadboards and much more. And when something goes awry, Freight Tec provides personalized support that resolves the issue.

A reputation that shippers can respect:

It’s difficult to move freight if shippers don’t respect your company, which is why Freight Tec’s excellent reputation matters. Multiple entities have ranked Freight Tec among the top 100 brokers in the U.S. Even Homeland Security approves, having provided clearance for Freight Tec to haul the U.S. Military’s sensitive freight.

Fair and reasonable payment structure:

Independent agents enjoy a commission split that pays up to 70 percent for the agent. Additionally, the company does NOT make agents sign a non-compete but DOES guarantee — in writing — that it will never bring an agent’s clients in-house.

Respect for work-life balance:

Freight Tec — a family-owned, family-run business — often hears from its independent agents that they feel like valued members of a team instead of “just another number.” Work-life balance is of the highest importance, as is agents’ happiness. Details such as heartfelt communication and fantastic annual celebrations might seem like “little things” on the surface, but Freight Tec cherishes them as a big part of the overall freight team experience.

We value each one of our agents, and we work hard to ensure that it shows. Learn more at

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