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Freight Tec Doesn’t Have an Internal Brokerage — Find Out What That Means for You

You spend the majority of your waking hours at work, so it stands to reason that a little peace of mind in the workplace goes a long way. There’s almost nothing worse than feeling worried at work all day every day.

Yet, that’s how many freight agent feel, especially if they work for a brokerage that has an in-house sales team or an internal brokerage. Fighting constant high-pressure sales battles against people who are SUPPOSED to be on your side isn’t helping YOU.

Thriving as an Independent Freight Agent

OK, so it’s obvious what does NOT work for freight agents. Now let’s take a look at some of the best benefits of Freight Tec’s Agent model:

No internal brokerage

Freight Tec doesn’t have an internal brokerage, which means it’s only source of new business is its independent agents. In other words, when it comes to your success, they’ve got some skin in the game.

Freight Tec’s independent agents do not have to sign a non-compete, which allows them to keep the clients they’ve been building for years and confidently keep growing their business without looking over their shoulder.

Freight Tec guarantees in writing they will not start up an in-house sales department, so you never have to worry about that unfair and biased competition that comes from internal sales departments and puts Agents’ business at risk.

Access to key tools

It’s easy for a company to SAY it is rooting for its agents. Freight Tec actually backs it up by giving its agents unprecedented back-office support, which enables more focus on what they do best: sales.

Tasks such as payables, receivables, collection labor, credit, carrier setup, email, software systems, insurance, bonds, operating capital, banking relationships, admin support and much more are taken care of by seasoned professionals whose main goal is to take care of the administrative tasks while you focus on making deals.

Also, Freight Tec pays for its agents to have access to helpful online tools such as Internet Truckstop, PC Miller, DAT and PostEverywhere.

Freight Tec also provides a proprietary dashboard with business analytic information on each individual Agent’s business, to help them know where their best opportunities for growth are.

Reducing your stress

The Freight Tec model reduces stress from the very beginning by removing the fear of internal competition. At Freight Tec, you’re competing against the industry, not against your own company.

On another level, agents feel more at ease because of perks such as being backed by a $100,000 broker bond and $100,000 military bond (SDDC). They also benefit from errors and omissions insurance, contingent liability insurance, and more. Further, agents enjoy up to 70 percent gross profit commission splits — paid weekly.

With the freedom to sell without undue stress and the knowledge that their success is also the company’s success, Freight Tec’s independent freight agents are uniquely positioned for success.

Explore the Benefits of Becoming an Independent Freight Agent

Learn more about how Freight Tec empowers its independent freight agents to grow and become their own success story, while doing what they do best.

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