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Earning Potential for Independent Freight Agents

Within the transportation industry, freight broker is one of the fastest growing professions, in large part due to the earning potential available to agents. So what can you expect from the profession? Tracy, one of our very own independent agents, tells us firsthand her experience as an agent.

Discover what could be your future in the transportation industry by listening to her personal story.

Before Freight Tec

Tracy became acquainted with the freight industry at a young age. With a father that worked in the industry, she quickly learned the intricacies of the profession. She abandoned a future in computer programming and worked independently with her father for eight years.

Then the economy turned and things became tight. Operating capital, credit management, payables, receivables and claims became very burdensome. After weighing the pros with a fellow professional from the industry, she decided to sign on with Freight Tec. Things changed dramatically for her.

After Signing with Freight Tec

“It was night and day,” Tracy explains when describing the difference after joining Freight Tec. She experienced newfound freedom, being relieved of the burden of day-to-day back office work such as the accounting processes, software, capital and resources management, and office work.

This changed things for Tracy. She describes her experience: “We went from barely being able to pay ourselves to becoming 4th in the company. We just hit the 2 million dollar club.”

Working with Freight Tec

So what is like working with Freight Tec? Tracy appreciates the fact that “they aren’t set up as a brokerage sales company; they are set up as a business that handles your money, and takes care of all back office work for me. It’s basically a bank for your earnings. They get the money from your customers and ensure that you get what you need. We work together in a true partnership.”

This type of dynamic turned out to be a perfect fit for Tracy and has proven to be lucrative for many other independent freight agents.


Transitioning to Freight Tec can be intimidating, but as Tracy explains, that fear is largely unfounded.

In discussing her transition, she states, “It was very smooth. It was very easy and quick. I wish we had done it sooner”.

With someone available to help you any day of the week, it’s no wonder that Tracy felt taken care of through the transition period.


Many freight and logistics professionals fear that when they work for a brokerage company, that they will try to take away their customers they have worked so hard to obtain and service. But, as Tracy discovered, that’s simply not true at Freight Tec. She states, “They let us do what we know how to do best. They give us the tools and everything we need to make us successful.”

Freight Tec does not have an internal brokerage department, and they do not compete against their agents in any way.

If you’re considering working with Freight Tec as an independent freight agent, keep Tracy’s experience in mind. The potential you have to improve your income and work satisfaction is significant. Consider making the leap. You won’t regret it.

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