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Does Your Freight Brokerage Do These Three Things?


Whether you work for a freight brokerage or operate your own, it’s important to now and again take stock of what’s working and what’s not. There are some key questions to ask yourself about the industry and your brokerage.

Most of these questions are about common freight broker frustrations such as tedious, tiresome administrative tasks that take time away from actual sales activities. For brokerage owners, it’s important to think about the status of ongoing operating costs and risks. For agents, it’s worth asking, “Am I being supported by my company? Am I being enabled to thrive?”

If you’re being honest about your future in the shipping industry, think about whether your freight brokerage does these three things:

Does your freight brokerage help you spend more time selling and less time doing administrative work?

It’s simple math. If you decrease the percentage of your workday that is devoted to back-office tasks, you can increase the percentage of time you spend making deals and tending to key customer relationships.

Independent freight agents benefit from a brokerage that has a large team of experienced back-office professionals who perform most of the laborious administrative tasks necessary to do business. These tasks include collection labor, carrier approval and setup, payables and receivables, credit checks, and more.

Does your freight brokerage pay for the technology that’s necessary to be successful in the industry today?

It’s still humans, not technology, who land deals and cultivate relationships in the freight industry. That said, newer tools such as constantly evolving online platforms make it a lot easier for agents and support personnel to focus on what they do best. Advancements such as online load boards, easy-to-use carrier setup websites, transportation management system (TMS) software and cutting-edge invoice tracking are just a few of the modern-day ways to streamline operations and boost sales.

Does your freight brokerage have the reputation and trust necessary to retain loyal shippers?

There are SO many freight brokerages and agents to choose from. What sets one apart from another? It’s a combination of everything. The companies with the largest, most loyal customer bases make life easier for all involved — from shippers and carriers to agents and back-office professionals. When technology, talented salespeople, devoted staff and organizational best practices come together, THAT’S when freight brokerages thrive.

Becoming an Independent Agent at Freight Tec

Many of the best, most ambitious brokers in the freight industry are joining Freight Tec, where they can operate as independent agents without fear of losing clients to an internal brokerage.

Explore this infographic to learn more about the benefits of working with Freight Tec.

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