Favorite Quotes

What are some of your favorite quotes? πŸ’¬ Here are two of our favorites below. #bestagentprogram #freighttec #freightbroker #agentprogram #freightbrokerage

Coats for Kids Car Show…

A few weeks ago we had our local Coats for Kids Car Show πŸš™ event put on by the Rotary Club of Bountiful. This event helps local kids to buy a coat for our freezing winters. ❄️ This is our 3rd year being a sponsor. πŸ’› This car show is held on the same street […]

Happy Memorial Day!

Remembering & honoring those who have passed. We hope you can enjoy time with those you love. #memorialday2023

We work as a Team!

Our team supports each other by showing respect, having a positive attitude & having open communication! 🀝 #corevalues #bestagentprogram #freighttec #freightbroker #agent program #freightbrokerage

The best employees!

We celebrated Employee Appreciation Day last week with lunch and treats from a favorite bakery! We appreciate our employees & everything they do! πŸ’Ÿ #employeeappreciationday #freighttec #bestagentprogram #freightagent #freightbrokerage #freightbroker

Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s treats on Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day! πŸ’Ÿ #bestagentprogram #freightbroker #freighttec #freightagent #freightbrokerage

Podcast interview!

The owner of Freight Tec, Steve Van Otten was on a podcast with Trey Griggs a week ago! πŸ™Œ It was a light, fun interview that includes some sports talk. 🎧 Here’s a one minute clip below.Β  #freightbroker #bestagentprogram #freightbroker #freighttec #freightbrokerage πŸŽ₯ Link to full video: https://tinyurl.com/3zskrn7m  

5 Exciting Benefits of Becoming an Independent Freight Agent

The freight industry can be rewarding in a variety of ways, but also very challenging. Salespeople, operations personnel, agents and brokerage owners can make a great living, but lack of time, resources and support sometimes often stand in the way of growth. Many freight industry professionals are transitioning into a role with fewer challenges and […]

How to Get Your Freight Broker License

Many people in the commercial transportation industry are drawn to become a freight broker, serving as an expert third party who can bring together those who have freight to ship, and those who are equipped to carry it. Longtime drivers and others are drawn by the lure of independence, better hours, and potentially exceptional pay.