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3 Common Mistakes Made By Freight Broker Agents

For freight broker agents, attention to detail is one of the easiest, most impactful actions to take — especially attention to proactive efforts. Conversely, there are many problems that agents should actively avoid.

Striving to avoid industry-specific pitfalls is one of the best learning experiences associated with the world of freight. Here are three common mistakes made by freight broker agents:

Excessive Overhead

Overhead is apt to spiral out of control quickly, especially given the relatively small number of necessities for successful freight broker agents. Items such as a computer and a phone are crucial — along with occasional travel — but can be utilized anywhere from a living room to a small, simple office.

Modern-day technologies such as freight industry-related software platforms are helpful, but the benefits must be weighed against fees and budget considerations. Agents who are on their own must be prudent about expenses such as software, bookkeeping and time-intensive administrative tasks.

Narrow Customer Base

Many freight broker agents struggle to cut ties with underperforming carriers. When consistent, high-quality customer service are threatened, factors such as loyalty and familiarity need to take a backseat.

Freight brokers are less likely to hold on to underwhelming carriers and customers when their group of partners is robust and well-rounded. No matter what the industry, placing too much importance and hope with one person or group is a dangerous problem that leads to desperate, ill-fated decisions.

Failure to Evolve as Needed

Top-performing freight agents understand their No. 1 skill: sales. However, there are many other skills required to run a successful business. Agents who want to grow their business often struggle to do so because adding full-time employees for back-office support and more is such a sizable leap of faith.

Even in an increasingly high-tech world, freight agent problems can be reduced by commitment to time-tested, low-tech practices such as well-targeted phone follow-ups and uncommonly fast customer service.

Addressing Common Freight Agent Mistakes

Independent freight agents at Freight Tec reap the benefits of exceptional back-office support and a wide variety of industry-leading software platforms. Learn more today.

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