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Company History

Freight Tec originally began business in 1985. In January 1997, the current owner of Freight Tec purchased the company and began to move flatbed freight for his customers.

Freight Tec has grown a lot since 1997. We continue to grow today, and now have multiple offices throughout the Rocky Mountain States. Sales exceeded $26 million in 2006, placing Freight Tec in the top 100 of the 14,000 providers in the U.S.A.

Freight Tec has been established as a premier 3PL (Third Party Logistics provider) in the industry today. Our business has grown by hard work, superior service, and relentless dedication to all of our customers. Our customers have also been able to grow – in part from the solutions provided, and the time saved by working with Freight Tec. We feel fortunate in having such loyal customers and work hard to meet their needs every day. Freight Tec’s philosophy of doing business is to provide solutions for our customer’s shipping problems, so they may focus on their core business. Our Shippers and our Carriers are each our customers, and we appreciate them greatly.

As the future unfolds we believe our philosophy of doing business will allow our customers to continue to grow and be successful. If we focus on our customer’s needs and success, we know we will also continue to be successful.