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3 Benefits of Working with a Freight Broker That Offers Cutting-Edge Technology

When choosing a freight broker to work with, access to technology might not be the first factor that comes to mind. Your questions likely center on issues such as credit, industry compliance, insurance, reputation, and communication skills.

Here’s the irony: Each of these issues for freight brokers can be better managed and made easier through technology. When used intelligently, cutting-edge freight broker technology frees up agents to do their work with more efficiency and passion than ever before.

Better Customer Service

Most freight agents aim to provide exceptional customer service, but often laborious tasks detract from that goal. Time that should be spent serving customers is instead devoted to activities necessary to keep the business afloat.

Freight broker technology such as transportation management software (TMS) helps agents save time, track important data, and keep up with regulations and compliance — whether they’re at the office, at home or in an airport.

Technologies free up more time for freight broker agents to meet new clients, steward relationships, and innovate ideas — and shippers and carriers reap the benefits.

Improved Invoicing and Administrative Services

Freight broker technology helps agents and their back-office administrative teams provide a much sleeker experience for carriers and shippers. Online platforms and other software tools make tasks such as invoicing — and thus the payment process — much more trackable and less error-prone than ever before.

Agents and back-office staffs who have the most advanced software at their disposal take many of the most common frustrations out of the shipping equation — frustrations ranging from long wait times to unexplained errors and communication breakdowns. After all, removing obstacles and solving problems is what technology is all about.

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Modern-day freight carriers don’t have to settle for outdated processes and long wait times. Getting up and running with a freight broker is a much simpler process with online platforms such as Freight Tec’s onboarding website, which can facilitate carrier setup in less than six minutes.

Cutting-edge technology is making it easier than ever to start and continue working with forward-thinking freight agents. A process that for years was time- and labor-intensive is now incredibly fast and efficient from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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