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5 Exciting Benefits of Becoming an Independent Freight Agent

The freight industry can be rewarding in a variety of ways, but also very challenging. Salespeople, operations personnel, agents and brokerage owners can make a great living, but lack of time, resources and support sometimes often stand in the way of growth.

Many freight industry professionals are transitioning into a role with fewer challenges and ample potential: independent freight agent. Here are five exciting benefits of becoming an independent freight agent.

More Time for Sales

Freight brokers usually are talented and skilled at sales and networking, but often the many other responsibilities of the job take up too much of their time. Independent freight agents who have ample support from a back-office team can focus on what they do best: making deals and getting freight moving.

Finding a brokerage that will handle time-consuming tasks such as payables, receivables, carrier approval and setup, and credit checks is a major benefit to any independent freight agent.

Less Worry

Protecting oneself from risk and minimizing costs are difficult aspects of any business, but especially the freight business. A lot can go wrong at any given time. Proving who is and is not at fault can be difficult.

Some freight broker companies  back up their agents with the support they need to rest easy. For instance, Freight Tec backs up agents with $100,000 broker and military bonds and vital types of insurance, including errors and omissions insurance and contingent liability insurance.

Comprehensive Software Package

Those who own their own brokerage spend a lot of time researching, purchasing and mastering the many software programs that can make their job so much easier. As an independent freight agent, it’s important to find a brokerage that pays for a wide variety of these modern-day tools, such as Internet Truckstop, PC Miller, PostEverywhere and DAT.

No Internal Competition

Competition can be a good thing in business, but certainly not when a company competes against its own team. Freight agents shouldn’t have to worry about their brokerage stealing their clients.

That’s why Freight Tec doesn’t have an internal brokerage. In fact, the organization actually guarantees — in writing — that it won’t bring agents’ clients in-house.

Independence From Brokerages

A high-quality brokerage presents many benefits for independent freight agents, but true independence is one of the biggest benefits — and perhaps the most rare. Freight Tec does not make agents sign a non-compete, which gives them the freedom to concentrate on growing their business.

Become an Independent Freight Agent

Have questions about becoming an independent freight agent? Contact the experts at Freight Tec today.