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How to Select the Best Freight Agent Opportunities

So many online freight agent job postings, so little time. A professional agent looking for his or her next job can quickly become lost in a virtual sea of seemingly wonderful online opportunities. They always sound so great, right?

Before jumping into a new position, it makes sense to consider what to look for in a freight agent opportunity. There are many brokers to choose from, but no two options are created equal.

Here are several tips on how to select the best freight agent opportunities:

How Will You Fit Into the Work Culture?

If you’re looking for a work environment where you can build strong relationships and leverage a support team, Freight Tec is the place for you. Camaraderie is a key component to how we work. We work hard to build relationships with all of our Agents, Carriers, and Customers.

Are You Comfortable With the Technology You’ll Be Using?

Rapidly improving technology is making freight agents’ lives easier with each passing year. If you’re interested in the various ways that technology can streamline your work, look for a freight brokerage that pays for your access to tools such as Internet Truckstop, PC Miller, PostEverywhere and DAT.

How Much Involvement Do You Want In Administrative Tasks?

Having consistent control of and responsibility for various administrative duties makes some freight agents feel closer to the work and more at ease with day-to-day operations. If you’re more hands-off and would rather receive expert help with tasks such as collections, carrier approval and setup, credit checks, payables and receivable, you might want to look into freight agent opportunities that provide extensive back-office support.

Regardless of what style you prefer, make sure to carefully consider these factors and many more when determining and selecting the best freight agent opportunity for you.