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The Pros and Cons of Starting a Freight Brokerage Company

Before entering any industry, gathering as much information as possible is vital. Of course, fact-finding alone isn’t enough. In a highly competitive industry such as freight transportation, stacking up the potential benefits against the likely drawbacks is a key way to determine whether the rewards are worth the risk.

When it comes to opening up a freight brokerage, there are some really powerful pros and cons to consider.

Does Your Freight Brokerage Do These Three Things?


Whether you work for a freight brokerage or operate your own, it’s important to now and again take stock of what’s working and what’s not. There are some key questions to ask yourself about the industry and your brokerage.

Most of these questions are about common freight broker frustrations such as tedious, tiresome administrative tasks that take time away from actual sales activities. For brokerage owners, it’s important to think about the status of ongoing operating costs and risks. For agents, it’s worth asking, “Am I being supported by my company? Am I being enabled to thrive?”

If you’re being honest about your future in the shipping industry, think about whether your freight brokerage does these three things:

How to Expand Your Customer Relationships as a Freight Agent

For a freight agent, having loyal, high-volume shipping customers is a must. But securing MANY of these reliable customers really is a key indicator of long-term success and low stress.

A lot of agents are good at maintaining strong relationships with existing customers, but how about finding new ones? With the combination of diligence, talent, and skill, you can forge new bonds on a regular basis. Here are several tips for how to expand your customer relationships as a freight agent:

3 Benefits of Working with a Freight Broker That Offers Cutting-Edge Technology

When choosing a freight broker to work with, access to technology might not be the first factor that comes to mind. Your questions likely center on issues such as credit, industry compliance, insurance, reputation, and communication skills.

Here’s the irony: Each of these issues for freight brokers can be better managed and made easier through technology. When used intelligently, cutting-edge freight broker technology frees up agents to do their work with more efficiency and passion than ever before.

How to Find a Brokerage that Will Help Serve the Needs of Your Clients

In a highly competitive industry such as freight, independent freight agents are always looking for an edge. In particular, they want to find a brokerage that can help them serve the needs of their clients, or shippers.

There aren’t any magic pills that solve the challenges that agents face, but there certainly are small but powerful tools and support that can make a big difference.

3 Common Mistakes Made By Freight Broker Agents

For freight broker agents, attention to detail is one of the easiest, most impactful actions to take — especially attention to proactive efforts. Conversely, there are many problems that agents should actively avoid.

Striving to avoid industry-specific pitfalls is one of the best learning experiences associated with the world of freight. Here are three common mistakes made by freight broker agents:

How Freight Brokers Can Best Build Meaningful Client Relationships

Even with emerging software, technologies and digital marketing tools taking their industry by storm, top freight brokers are only as successful as the client relationships they can build and maintain.

The freight industry, like so many other industries, revolves around loyalty, trust, reputation and standing out. Developing strong bonds with carries and shippers is vital.

The Best Way to Get Your Carriers Set Up Quickly

In 2017, making things easier is what life is all about — whether it’s food service, the daily commute or even facilitating freight services. For freight agents and carriers, making processes easier saves time, which yields more profit and builds lasting business relationships.
When independent freight agents are able to get their carriers up and hauling as fast, and efficiently as possible, everyone benefits. The best way to get your carriers set up quickly is to combine fantastic customer service with cutting-edge online tools.

Customer Service Still Matters

Even in an age ruled by the Internet and various technologies, it’s tough to beat great, thoughtful customer service. A carrier who’s working with an independent agent from a brokerage like Freight Tec can expect the quick, consistently helpful service associated with a Top 100 Broker. It’s a valuable component of any quality freight broker’s agent program.
When agents are free to focus on making deals instead of on back-office work, that’s when carriers receive the best possible support. It makes a big difference having staff dedicated to important work such as carrier approval and setup, payables and receivables, and much more.
With help from a highly experienced team in the front office, independent carriers can get themselves and their drivers all set and ready to roll – quickly, and with fewer headaches.

Technology That Makes the Process Easier

Along with terrific customer service, today’s freight agents need the right online tools to help get carriers moving right away. For instance, industry-best software platforms such as Internet Truckstop, Pricing tools, DAT and other agent tools are becoming more and more necessary to conduct business.
Companies such as Freight Tec also provide their own proprietary online tools making carrier on-boarding as simple as possible. Freight Tec also has Youtube tutorials, to serve as very useful guides that are short enough for carriers to quickly and easily navigate on their smartphone, tablet or computer as they get set up with Freight Tec.
The freight industry moves faster than ever, and cutting corners is not an option. That’s why help for independent freight agents — largely through optimal carrier service and the latest tech tools — is quickly becoming a necessity instead of a luxury.